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When you are bored with Warhammer

It’s quite a fantastic thing, that there is plenty of different free to play games in which you can play. Farming renown day after day may be really boring from to time, so I started to think about some different MMO to in to take a break from WAR. You can check out what I have discovered for ya.

Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Soul of the Ultimate Nation (often abbreviated as S.U.N. or SUN) is a free-to-play MMORPG made by developers from Webzen. SUN Online brings a pretty heavy story-based RPG to us with an impressive looking universe and really nice visuals. When you first begin playing in the game, you can watch not long, but good cinematic movie simply tells you some about what is happening in the setting that you are going to have your adventure.
Gameplay is fun, but not truly best, which I may admit after seeing a large number of gaming productions. The available fighting styles that support a lot with the teamwork is something I was waiting to in that king of gaming title for a rather long time. The fact that every of the playable classes are not bad balanced and each other out in the need for single another in some tasks is also fantastic feature. In one game mode within the title, Battle Zone, which has largest possible capacity - is 10 users per room - users are able to participate in most fun to play, micro-managing, individual or team oriented fights.

King of Kings 3

According to announced information about releasing by Gamigo, we can play in game with a pretty large focus on PvP fighting - King of Kings 3, which is 3D Fantasy MMORPG. Players can make their personal guilds and fight for control over known continent in the whole universe. Guilds that control territory are free to make even their own towns. Create your own house, manage cities, and prove yourself in the dark reality of a destroyed by ever going conflict world. Prove your worth among fighters with ranks from being a common citizen in order to become the king of your own personal kingdom.

Alliance of Valiant Arms

Alliance of Valiant Arms is one of those not existing on market F2P MMO brilliant and hidden titles that has both nicely designed visuals and fascinating in-depth and really interesting and exciting to play title. A.V.A can with good marketing without any problem become a quite competition to different totally fashionable FPS games like Counter-Strike Source and even older Call of Duties and I am talking about both most fundamental points of gaming title, which are graphics and gameplay.

There’s one case that you may think about when you think about computer titles: first-person shooters and pads. Well, it’s true that I began to at least accept the console controller as a FPS device, but truly nothing can compare to a standard mouse and keyboard mix. Anyways, NHN Games’ Alliance of Valiant Arms includes to an impressive library of FPSs available for the PC. To conclude, AVA is a great FPS game that is totally worth playing. I can guarantee it will keep you busy for a pretty long time with its marvelous graphics and gameplay.


Is Eve good for everyone?

Today I would like to present like strategy guide let’s say you discover an amazing, deal on antibiotics. But, they desire over 100,000 Eve, and you find yourself discovering for at 14 different stations selling just 8 vol. each. Is there any sense to fly all time around and collecting them all to 1station? You can, but chances are someone will annihilate your ship is quite high.

A few lessons to learn:
Do you research, and especially the math; remember these three points if you want to make it worthwhile.
Also keep in memory to never “Gang” with anyone that you don't trust - I witnessed plenty ganked by pirates spamming gang invites and trying to defeat you, gang members do not take sec hits. There is an option to should also use cargo cans to make higher the hold space of the starship. Remember to train abilities, because it’s step towards the future. Find out towards bettering ship, setup, and profits. Look on your route for security stuff; never fly into starships/pods crushed unless you know you will be safe doing it.

Volumes could be written on trading goods like in other games. Some regions don’t have entry to noxcium, others have problems getting Isogen. Find out what is in demand and the current value. And stay current. Mineral prices rise and fall like a nun in a cucumber update, so just because player sold is single day at 100 doesn’t mean you can do it a seven days from now or in the future like in other Eve corporations. Mineral trading takes a plenty of effort and time (research) but the rewards are large. This I liken to specialty is being a merchant, a niche market, taking even more research and time to effectively manage. Some modules can cost a lot of money - millions for just one item. For those brave enough, with enough money, this is probably the highest tier of trading in Eve. It’s not for the faint of heart. As of this writing I have yet to dabble in this and I have sizable equipment. While the rewards are magnificent, the risk is even better. This is why I’m the most interested with all kind of valuable things.

What then? You must stockpile. Collect them without selling. What is rather obvious the market rises & falls with every order, so they will go back up and you can still make as you desired? With the large enough marketing ability player can login in a day or so, analyze the market, and if your number is met, open assets and click to get rid of your stuff. Player must be in steady position cash wise, and be ready to wait for orders to arrive, but for those with a plenty of and much nicer things to do with their time, this is a viable option.

If you set up courier tasks in Eve online and pay those young Indy haulers just a bit of your profits to move your stuff for you. Now you are saving tons of time to do various things, make the “commissions” back that gamer must pay for this service, or whatever. Point is you have various doing you hauling for you, and you just get rid of it when it arrives. As a player I really enjoy playing in Eve online, because its great and interesting game for everyone.

I value corporate standings too much to risk getting caught and it’s still so new I can’t tell with authority on plenty of the methods and risk. There are others out there that do, and some have written up tidbits to this end, but you won’t discover this knowledge from you.


About Eve

Welcome. You are not familiar with Eve online? For real?! Then you have to read this short article about one of the most exciting game developed by CCP games studio. Eve is MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game), first massively multiplayer online role-playing game placed in a science fiction space setting where you can fly across the galaxy! This outstanding game is taking place 20,000 years in the future; background plot of Eve online explains that every ago humankind, having used up major part of Earth’s goods, began colonizing space. Gamer is controlling his starship (you need a lot of Eve isk to buy one) and journey through galaxy. Each Eve online account allows for up to three avatars to be made.
Designer CCP is not involving into any type of game interventions. Main idea is to create, unique world where power belong to gamers. From time to time this policy seems controversial because, there were gigantic scams in Eve Online, which made tremendous wave of controversy.
What you can do in this game? Whatever you wish! Fight, trade, travel, chat with other gamers – just have fun. Mining involves the collecting various minerals. Mining is totally boring, so if you desire some action, you should concentrate on gamer vs. gamer part of the game. You have to deliver volumes of minerals or ore to a certain place. These items can either be mined and reprocessed directly by the pilot or bought on the open market. Yeah I always dreamed about turn into a miner, this is when (or where or both) my dream come true! If you truly enjoy such dull but safe and rewarding game activities you should check it. Mining is extremely nice when you need to chill down a bit and your only mission will be sitting near your PC screen. Its basic thing you know in Eve. This way you will be rich very fast I am telling you. Next important thing is special trading routes in Eve. These routes are rare and are worth searching for.

In Eve online, your abilities boost themselves by passing of real-time clock. These practice timers can be altered based on avatar stats – determined via beginner’s stats, cybernetic implants, and some other skills. So no more boring grinding like in Lord of the Rings Online: Shadow of Angmar, MapleStory or World of Warcraft or different game in this genre. Probably one of the really exciting things in Eve is that you can manufacture wonderful space ship with great guns, missiles, rail guns, energy shield and do whatever you wish.

Major part of the time trade goods with high costs yield a better profit and are extremely nice for trade, but they take up more of your cargo hold. On the map you want to search for green glowing lights on the systems that mean the price is great. Find out by sliding your mouse over the systems dot on the map (be prepared for pirates - if you hold your mouse there for a plenty time enough it presents the systems name and price of the item and how much of it. All gamers are able to take a part in any number of in-game professions and activities, including mining, merchandize or exploration. Try to get ammo that does an amazing range of damage but also has a low negative range modifier. It doesn't matter what amount of damage you do if you can’t hit a target from a descent range.


Age of Conan – one of really good online games

Welcome friends on my weblog! If you are for sure one of the online games fans, so I would like to write some about MMORPG game called Age of Conan, where you can become an adventurer in savage and filled with cruelty Hyboria. What to start with? Well, Age of Conan is mature game, definitely not for children, as I mentioned, filled with pure brutality, also aggressive sexuality and barbarism. What's unique in this game is a combat system.

As you may know, this type of online games, which is MMORPG, you have to complete various quests and fight with various mobs as well. Our job is to do extra-ordinary combo attacks during the battles, using three(later five) main attacks – front, left and right – and activate an special ability skill, which you would like to use. It may look as a hard task, but it’s not. Learning that combat system is actually easy and intuitive.

What's also interesting, all „tutorial mode” is in Single Player mode – also, „Rookie Island”, which is named „Tortage” - you can complete also in Single Player mode and avoid playing with other players. Well, your choice if you want to play in one of these better online games. There is really a lot to talk about this splendid game but i don't have much time today. Anyway if you are huuuuuuge fan of online games, try out this game, its really fantastic way to spend some time!

Anyway lets leave Age of Conan for a while – it’s maybe one of the best online games, but still very bugged and Funcom company need to fix it. What is very interesting, you should know more also about other games like Warhammer or Final Fantasy. These games are also great and have a lot to offer to everyone including bored players. Well I’m playing still in Warhammer (it’s around 1,5 year or something like that) – I never played so long in online game really ;) I played around 8 months in World of Warcraft…ehh anyway I need to have a longer break anyway because playing too much may be really dangerous for your health. Really. I’m really serious right now :/ I know because I had some health issues in my past...

See you again


Maple Story

Hello fellas. Today about fantastic game Maple Story Online (MS). And game is for totally free, so you can play without fee for subscription. I think it’s best plus of Maple Story and thats why this mmorpg has almost 50 millions of players. Nexon co. earns around 250 millions usd, developing this great game. Well i hope you will love MS just like i do, game is really magnificient and has a lot to offer to every extreme MMORPG gamer. I play preety much in Maple Story

If you start to play, you should know some words from MS leet code – here are few examples.

>>> KS - It’s shorter form made from “Kill Stealing”. It’s happens, when Maple Story dude with higher level comes to low level place where other players with lower level are leveling up their skills by killing mobs and when does massacre on these mobs there. If other gamer is doing KS to you, ask him to stop – but nicely. If you like farming Maple mesos, this way you only waste your time, because kill stealing is popular in all Maple Story.
>>> CC - Or just Change Channel. If anyone asks you to CC, they want you to swap the channel you’re using so that they will be able to continue leveling up in peace, or for any thing that they would like to do.

Game is very popular mostly in Asia where has around 30 millions of players, which is almost 3 times more then World of Warcraft. In game you can do many things like travel, farming maple mesos - ingame currency, hang around with your online friends and many, many more. Of course you can also just travel, it's your choise. Well as a quite experienced MMORPG gamer I know a lot and in my opinion Maple Story is worth to play a while, even if you don't like this game, you can always just delete from your hard drive. You don't need to pay for Maple because is for free. Uff ok I'm off I need to go out and drink something. There is nothing better then a party you know ;) anyway I hope you will like my weblog! Take care!
See you again on my blog


Money in MMORPG

Well, today I would like to talk more about money in MMORPG. How to collect them? How to be succsful player with a lot of money? How to run business on Auction House and how to play efficient with fun - because this is all related to games and fun :-) remember that.
First of all, this subject is complicated and I need some time to work on everything. Auction Strategy is complicated and long so I will write something next time.

First of all you should be patient and collect every item on you way. Monster died? Take his loot and sell less important stuff at vendor and most valuable stuff on Auction House. You can earn some cash from vendor trash items also :-)

Remember to clean up your inventory after farming or after doing quests. You need space! You should always control your inventory space. Always.
Another thing is to download good addon for your MMORPG. You can read about best addons on website like Curse.com etc. Try to download only legal addons! If you download bad ones, your account may be in danger. Some addons are prohibited, so if someone from developer team, check your account - your account may be deleted. Sry but it's true.

That's why you should read about every addon, carefully. Anyway you can find many great addons, very good during your online adventures, or while money farming or stuff like that.

World of Warcraft has most addons, around few hundred!

Try to take all quest you can - you can earn a lot of money from quests! Of course, higher level quest - more money!
Last thing is to sell items only if you know average price on Auction House. I remember that I sold many items for very small price and I lost money :/ even 40 % less money!

That's why you should be careful. Anyway I will write about Auction House next time :-)
PS. Well, I need to have a longer break my friends, check out my weblog next time – but I can’t tell you when I will write again! Ehhh life sometimes sucks you know?!

See you again on my gold farming blog!


Happy New Year to all!

Hi mates, well i think each day is precious and each day we must fight for our believes, each day is also good occasion to celebrate moment. To sit down and relax, staring at window. World is such a beautiful place...We can live our lives, filled with joy, happiness..why we are to busy to understand that? Well i wish you to understand meaning of word "calmness" and i hope this new 2009, will be calm and happy.

Happy New Year!


More about WAR


Hello guys welcome on my blog, today main thing is Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. This cool mmorpg has been created some time ago from mates from EA Mythic.

First off all WAR has large number of very interesting classes, each one is unique and very suggestive.
We can became a part of forces of Order (Dwarfs, Empire, High Elves) or Destruction (Chaos, Dark Elves, Orcs & Goblins). Each race or side has 3-4 classes so we have 6 x 3-4 from 18 to 24 classes ( I think is 20, Mythic cut out few classes and will add them later).
Anyway is you always wanted to became powerful and super-duper armored dude – CHOSEN OF CHAOS, or flame attacking Bright Wizard or Magus who can summon daemons like Pink Horror or Screamer of Tzeentch or even be Swordmaster of Hoeth – You can play them all!

Warhammer Online is connected to Warhammer Fantasy Battle, very popular strategic, miniature game created by Games Workshop. I know much about that because I played a lot in Warhammer games and Warhammer FB also :-). WAR is great game and if you are MMO fan you should try it. You can wait for trial version of game and then play but I can tell you that this game is really good and worth to play.

Marauder in Warhammer Online is really interesting class, its designed to be great melee fighter and vicious Bright Wizard-Shadow Warrior-Priest-Runepriest KILLER. He has very powerful hth attacks and abilities designed to deal a lot of damage in short period of time. In other hand he has low armor and he die very fast on battlefield if he is not supported by healers and tanks. Marauder has 3 different ways of improvements (Paths), you can choose between Path of Savagery (designed as anti-tank skills and deal more damage to tank – classes), Path of Brutality (against one opponent skills), Path of Monstrosity (Skills related to Area of Effect). It's up to you which one you pick but remember that you can easily change and respecialize your character. I started game with Path of Brutality but some time ago I changed my mind and my character is rearranged to deal more damage against tanks with Path of Savagary.

My Marauder is already on 37 rank and 29 renown rank, well i'm currently traveling between last chapters of Dark Elves, Orcs and Chaos. I'm doing quests, playing in scenarios and I'm sharpening my teeth to play in special 40 level areas :-) in one of them you can stand against Bloodthrister (real one not me :P ) or Great Unclean One – Daemon of Nurgle.

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